OS X - what next?

This last month, I've been living at my ma's while me younger brother's been living at my flat with his girlfriend and a friend of her's. And it really made me realise how dependent I am on Nayru, the desktop. As "user friendly" as OS X is (which is what Farore, the laptop, is running), there are just so many things that are so much easier with Linux - which means I haven't done such things in the last month. So. I'm currently in a dilemma. Should I drop OS X entirely in favour of Linux (the "user friendly" Ubuntu, the familiar Gentoo, something else?), or should I begin using something more familiar(/Linux-like) with(in) OS X, like Gentoo/Mac OS X?

Far vel Glistrup, og hvil i fred

Meget kan man mene om manden og det er der mange der gør. Men Mogens Glistrup der døde i går har alligevel været haft en vigtig rolle i moderniseringen af dansk politik - på godt og ondt.

Google, Spam, and Mollom

Ha. This site has been in a temporary state for a good while before Leabharlann Freso was finally launched, so what Google has (naturally) had indexed at freso.dk was this static HTML page saying that the site would be launched Summer/Christmas/Summer 2007/2008. One of the things I knew I had to implement on the site before launch was some sort of spam filter, and Mollom came out just in time for me to take advantage of it. However, at the launch and the first days following, Mollom didn't really have much to do.

New versions of Pathauto released!: 5.x-2.3 and 6.x-1.1

Today, I've tagged and created release nodes for Pathauto 5.x-2.3 and 6.x-1.1. This means a bunch of bug fixes, updated (and new) translations, and much, much cleaner code. It also means a SimpleTest for the 6.x branch (thanks Gábor!). And it also, also means that 6.x-2.x is now the focus of Pathauto development, with new features going in (a couple of things have already gone in).

Fun with mod_rewrite and subdomains

Intercepting and redirecting foo.freso.dk to freso.dk while still leaving bar.freso.dk be (for the rare occasion you don't want to visit the pub instead).

Første post: Historien om biblioteket

Nu. Freso.dk. Leabharlann Freso. En vandrers notater. En strejfers skriverier. Mit... manifest. Det er endelig i funktion. Tanken bag Leabharlann Freso er år gammel, og nu er det her. Det er fantastisk. Lad os se om jeg nu kan holde mig til sagen, hva'? ;)

First entry: The history of the library

So. Freso.dk. Leabharlann Freso. The annals of a wanderer. The rambles of a rover. The manifesto of... me. It's finally live. The idea behind Leabharlann Freso is years old, and now it's finally here. It's amazing. Let's see if I can stick to it now, eh? ;)

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