Language Icons 6.x-1.0-beta2 released - please test!

So I just made a new beta release of Language Icons. (If you don't know the module - it's the one adding the flag icons to the language selection block to the left, as well as on translated nodes.)

The most important thing in this module is probably that it now contains an upgrade path from when it was a part of the Internationalization module suite, namely converting the i18n_icons_* site variables to languageicons_*. I think I tested it rather thoroughly and made sure I'd covered most (if not all) cases of the variable not existing or having been set, but to the old default path, etc., etc. - but there is always the off chance that something was somehow missed. So please give the beta2 a spin, and if you can do it with an update, it'd be great. And don't forget to report bugs! ;)

(Also, once this has gotten some testing, I think we're close to a final release as well. I don't know how much Jose wants done on the module before releasing 6.x-1.0 final, but there isn't really a whole lot more to do to it now, other than adding flags, of course. :))



you can find much more flags here:
but be aware of this problem

there are 184 different 2 letter language codes according to:
but I am sure you can not associate country flags for all of them..

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There are codes... and there are codes

Heh. If you'd followed the Language Icons issue queue, you'd know that I am aware of the difference between language and country codes. ;)

Also, to be honest. I'd rather not have to go through and add a bunch of icons if the need isn't there. As soon as someone requests a language flag, I'll be sure to find or create one. But not before. *shrugs* I have things to do other than providing icons. :)

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