Farewell, Ronnie

I just found out (through "Folkemusiklisten") that Ronnie Drew passed away yesterday. For those who don't know him, well, he was one of the founding members of The Dubliners. And if you don't know the Dubliners... I don't know where you've been the last 35 years. :)

The Dubliners were the first Irish folk act to reach the top 20 on the British charts and were instrumental in spreading the appreciation of traditional Irish music throughout the world. Who knows, I might not have been playing music today if they hadn't helped making sure there was an Irish scene to get involved with! Reports say, that even as he died his songs were sung and music was played.

Ronnie, I know a lot of people who have enjoyed your company, but I'm afraid it will now be a great while before I get to do so. I will still have part of you on recordings made throughout though, so thank you, for your songs, your music, your spirit. Is gairid ár gcairt ar an saol seo, but I hope you found the time you had to have been worth it all.

Rest in peace.


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