What to ask about when asking about a job?

So, Peytz & Co. are apparently looking to increase the "Co." part with some PHP developers who know about Drupal. Seeing that I'm pretty much broke and spending way too much time on Drupal as it is (I've become co-maintainer of the i18n spin off Language Icons, and a co-maintainer of Pingback – at least temporarily until its code is cleaned up a bit and it's actually working here on the Library ;) – in addition to my Pathauto duties), I thought that hey, I might as well write them and see what happens.

So I asked about whether they were still seeking in #drupal-dk, and mikl told me who to poke (the Michael referenced on their website, is apparently out elk hunting), so I fired up Thunderbird (on Farore, I have yet to set up mutt again on Nayru) and began writing. And so I wrote first on why I write and why I write him, then a little bit about my motivation, and then... should I write about my "skillz" already, or should I wait to a later mail? What questions should I ask? What else might he/they want to know (now)? Should I ask about their requirements? Should I ask about the work environment? The hours? Location? Pay? Insurance? Or... ?

In the end, I decided just to ask them to specify more clearly what they are looking for. Now, let's see what they reply. Could be interesting to work with other (Drupal) geeks. =)


Well, it's not a big secret…

The location is http://findvej.dk/Rentemestervej80,2400 – the hours are the universal 37 hours a week. There's a bit of flexibility, but we try to keep our work within the 8-17 range.

Pay is a matter of negotiation and we have an optional healthcare insurance package that's fairly cheap :)

I figured I could ask you

I didn't think it was a big secret, and I figured I could ask you (or some of the other folks of #drupal-danmark who apparently hang out there :p) about such things. Which is why I figured I might as well cut straight to it and ask what it is he is/they are looking for. If I can tell from that it's not me, I'd rather not know what I am missing. :)

Also, with dance class 14-17 Monday/Wednesday and 12:30-14:30 Tuesday/Thursday, I probably won't be able to do a 37 hour/week. But I told him that and he still invited me in, so... we'll see what happens next on Monday! :)

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