9 years on the Web

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And just like Greg, I had some thoughts going by one of the questions as well. It's been a few hours by now, but in essence the question was about for how long one has had a blog or personal website on the interweb.

I knew I had "been around" for a wee while, but how long exactly? Well, time to investigate! I once had a website, my first one actually, on Telia's private customer web hotel, meaning that both server name and subdirectory was rather obscure - meaning that I could no longer remember the URI of it. I've tried to recall this a couple of times, to look it up on the Wayback Machine, but I had so far been unsuccesful. But this time would prove different. I knew I once posted a message to the Danish Usenet group dk.kultur.tegneserier about my site - it's printed in my memory as someone called the message spam back then (that message is not available from archives, it seems), though re-reading it in the context of the thread, I'll still claim it was relevant to the topic. But now I'm sidetracking. :)

After jumping through some hoops, I finally found the message pointing to my website. The frames haven't been preserved though - neither has the huge background image from Dungeon Keeper that was used as a background image. Ah. Those were the days. But when were they? Well, the message with the link was from September 1999. The website itself says that it was published January 1999. Inspired by this somewhat nostalgic navel gazing, I went on to look at the archives of other sites I have made from around the same period... and the timeline of my "WFRP Caves" seems to claim January 1998. I have as of yet been unable to find any traces of online activity from before 1999, even as I know I have been involved with Politiken Online (which there seems to be next to no mention of anywhere these days) before I got started with Usenet. So 1998 might also be correct, but from what I've been able to dig up 1999 seems more likely.

Going with 1999 and January, I have "had a personal blog/website" for 9 years. And January 2009 will be my 10th anniversary of having a presence on the World Wide Web. Although I'm not old enough to have tried gopher, I still think 10 years is something. Perhaps I should throw a party in January? :)


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