Google, Spam, and Mollom

Ha. This site has been in a temporary state for a good while before Leabharlann Freso was finally launched, so what Google has (naturally) had indexed at was this static HTML page saying that the site would be launched Summer/Christmas/Summer 2007/2008. One of the things I knew I had to implement on the site before launch was some sort of spam filter, and Mollom came out just in time for me to take advantage of it. However, at the launch and the first days following, Mollom didn't really have much to do. The three comments having run through their filters were all "ham". I did have a theory though, that once Google picked up the new site, this would change. And boy, was I right. Google now lists "Leabharlann Freso" instead of "Welcome to" for, and Mollom now reports having "blocked 20 spam attempts the past 5 days." All 20 are probably within the last 2-3 days though (precisely those days I haven't been checking up on Google). So, yeah. I just wanted to confirm that spambots do listen to Google, and that Mollom does help keeping them away anyway. Thank you Mollom! =)


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