First entry: The history of the library

So. Leabharlann Freso. The annals of a wanderer. The rambles of a rover. The manifesto of... me. It's finally live. The idea behind Leabharlann Freso is years old, and now it's finally here. It's amazing. Let's see if I can stick to it now, eh? ;)

Way back in the days, when Drupal 4.7 was in development, I had the idea that I wanted to make a more dynamic site, which wasn't just a bunch of PHP, HTML, and CSS files, but would actually be something akin to a proper CMS. I considered making my own, but I figured that this would be a futile effort, as others were bound to have made something useful. So I looked about. Being enarmored by Python, I looked up solutions based on that (notably Zope and Plone), but after a short time, I realised the price class of going for a Python enabled web host was more than my budget could take.

Then I found Typo3 which seemed very powerful and able to do everything I wanted. However, it was also overly complex to set up and way, way too ressource hungry.

Thus I kept on looking until finally... there it was! Drupal. 4.6. This was awesome. Like Typo3, it seemed to be able to do all of the things I wanted, only more intuitively and less ressource intensive. The contributed modules were a treasure of additional functionality. Not to mention that Drupal's (PHP) code was far more readable than Typo3's!

So I began playing with this, and even did a wee bit of hacking for Drupal 4.7. (I even had a patch get committed to core!) However, the sheer amount of possibilities was somewhat overwhelming, which, combined with changes in my "RL" life, made me just let it be...

Fast forward a few years. Drupal 5 is now the stable release, with work progressing on Drupal 6. Due to some trouble with my previous webhost, I've moved the site to Gigahost. Seeing how Drupal 6 would feature more i18n stuff in its core, I began helping with the hacking of it, slowly getting back into the Drupal community (though I was never really fully gone). So I did, and when Drupal 6 was released, I took it upon myself to port to and test ports for Drupal 6 of the modules I would need for this very site.

Now, I have finally done enough testing and planning and thinking and hacking and talking to launch the site. So here you go: Leabharlann Freso - Freso's Library.



Gongratulations on getting the blog online!

Thank you!

As you can see, it's been a long journey to actually get here. It's good to have arrived. At last. (For now.) :)

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