The changes of Freso the Computer Geek

Life can be tricky, twisting and turning,
Leaving you never knowing what'll happen.
And so life goes, churning on, uncurling;
Will you run the course, taking the chances?
Or keep at home, forever base campin'?

But anyways; eff it, what's been up, man? How's your daughter?

Well, I don't really have a daughter, but lots of things have been going on anyway. I've finished my first year at Den frie Lærerskole; I was elected into the "board" of the "DfL" group of my union; I've gotten a couple of vaccines for my trip to Tanzania for the JMI AGA; I'm single once again; I've ditched the crutches and am almost back to full functionality in my right ankle; and I've started doing quite a bit of exercising. Which is what I'm going to talk about today. (Or tonight, really, but who's keeping track of time?)

Throughout most of my teenage years, I've been a very typical geek. Bordering on overweight, not being very physically active, spending most of my time reading books, comic books, role playing (LARPing and pen/paper), or programming or doing other computer stuff. In my mid-late teenage years, I added playing folk music to the list. I never really cared much for exercise or physical activity or eating (too) healthily. I fancied martial arts, aikido in particular, and I've always been much of a bicyclist, and the family in general's always been on the basketball side of sports - but I never exercised regularly and still found myself rather wanting to rather be physical in the shape of Link on a CRT telly, than have a stroll in a nearby park.

For some reason this has changed.

Fast forward to my early twenties. I've now "folk danced" for a few years (starting around my 19th birthday) at every folk music gathering and festival I've been able to, besides the playing, and really enjoying it. I've also tried my hand at sailing at Roskilde. I go back to "high school", taking HF at Det frie Gymnasium and find myself having the mandatory Physical Education class with my teacher Janeke - and I find that I'm actually rather enjoying myself. Especially this sport she tells me about several times... "parcours". Not being able to take Biology, Social Sciences, Geography, Religion, ... as my 2nd year optional subject, I end up picking Physical Education for a higher level. Boy, am I glad I did. :) During the Summer, I researched this "parcours" thing Janeke had told me about, which made me realise it was really called "parkour" and was related to the "Yamakasi" movie I'd heard about a few years back in Troldspejlet, but never got around writing down the title for. Which led me to arrange my first parkour jam, which would also be my first parkour training, in the rain on a rooftop of a multi-story car park, called "PK House" by the other traceurs. A guy called Floyd and a friend of his joined me then.

Flash forward to the present day. I'm now studying to be a teacher, with Physical Education being one of my subjects. I arranged what we believe to be the first parkour jam in Svendborg (closest city to where I live and study now) 3½ weeks ago, which is now happening every Saturday. I practice every Sunday with a b-boy/-girl crew. I'm training to become a certified swimming instructor. I'm following a program to do 100 push-ups and one to do 200 squats (log - for both), I've gotten an "ab wheel" to work the abs, an exercise ball to sit on instead of a chair (as well as do exercises on), and a jump/skipping rope that I use several times a week. I'm also trying to do hand stand exercises several times a week, as well as go running every so often, and there's the bouts of b-boy training I also add to the mix, plus whatever happens of additional parkour runs or other exercising (such as fellow students letting me in on some gymnastics training).
I'm also gradually eating healthier (I believe). Less junk food, more lettuce and other greens and vegetables, more fruit, more berries and nuts, less meat, and leaner meat. Much, much less beer and alcohol (I've only had beer or other alcohol a couple of times since I broke my ankle, and only been drunk once in this period). More organically and less conventionally grown/bred food. More proteins, more (but better) fat, less (but better) carbohydrates. (I'm partial towards leading a paleolithic diet, but material from "Born to Run" by Chris McDougall is making me rethink this once again.)
Lastly, my ex-girlfriend wrote her final/term paper on Dunn & Dunn's learning styles, and declared that I'm a kinesthetic learner, meaning that I have use my body, ie. move, to learn best.

All of this is great, of course, but it does come at a price. I've barely touched anything Drupal or other programming this year, nor have I spent a lot of time practising singing or playing bodhrán/bones/harp/piano. Or reading. Or writing. Where has Freso the Computer Geek gone? Will he back? Do I really miss him? I really don't know just yet, but I am quite marvelled at the transition I've undertaken, and I am looking fondly towards seeing what further uncurling of my life and my self will reveal. :)

Namasté, and have a hot July!


Do you actually have any

Do you actually have any updates on this transformation of yours?

Thomas - tandlæge København

I also found, that my mood

I also found, that my mood improved significantly, when I started exercising more.

Thomas - tandlæge København

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