Slowly getting back in the game...

So last night, I finally dug into Matt Butcher's Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery, which I actually got for review back in February. :/ Ah well, life has been hectic, but hopefully, I'll be able to look it through now, without too many interruptions. Thanks to ProxyChains and's server, I've also been able to access CVS and Subversion repositories outside of the school's rather restrictive firewall, which means I'm going to try and be an active Drupal contributor again; which means getting Language Icons ready for Drupal 7 and pushing Pathauto forwards in general.

I also have quite a few Drupal sites to do - Libertære Socialister, Skibslag 5, and Musik & Ungdom - so it looks like 2010 won't be entirely Drupal-free. =)


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I wish I had the time to

I wish I had the time to teach myself coding, but unfortunately it is not the case.

Thomas - tandlæge København

Musik & Ungdom er en rigtig

Musik & Ungdom er en rigtig flot side, du har fået stablet på benene!

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