Entry from Turkey

So. We arrived in Capadochia yesterday, meaning that the "business" part of this year's JMI AGA is now over. Four days filled with meetings, discussions, presentations, and all the other good stuff a JMI AGA is made up of.

The AGA itself took place at the Ankara Hilton Hotel, and that extra star can definitely be felt after checking in at the Capadochia hotel Dinler (which only has four). My allergy freaked out when I entered my room. There's no net connection in there. It's smaller. Ach! I'll never be able to stay at a <5 star hotel again! Or perhaps I just have to soak it up. Hm. I guess I'll have to run with the latter.

I've been very active with taking pictures, and thanks to the freely available internet connection (<3), I've also been able to upload them progressively to my Flickr. The connection at the room here in the Dinler hotel is lousy though, so I have to upload from the lobby. Which means I have to sit guard by the MacBook. Which means wasting time on my own, instead of being with the remaining JMI folks. Which means the majority of the Capadochia pictures won't get uploaded before I'm back in Denmark.

Also, the Hilton hotel had a great pool, which I had great plans of using for some daily training. However, as I got sick on the second day (and still am :() I didn't quite reach my goals. But the 5 rounds one day and 6 the other made me realise I really (as in really) need to do more swim training. After five lengths (which weren't very long) I was gasping for my breath and my heart was racing. And, well, it should be an integral part of any traceur's training anyway, as you never know when the object blocking your path is a sea, a river, or some other body of water (or other liquid most efficiently overcome by swimming through). Speaking of traceurs, we went to visit a valley today, full of rocks, with a river flowing through it. It would've been excellent to have made a run through that. Lots of possibilities for climbing, jumping, vaulting, swimming, running, branch swinging... but not when you're with 20 other people, plus all the other tourists on the path. Ah well.

At the entrance to the aforementioned valley, we (Terese, one of the fellow JM Denmark board members, and I) bought some water, and one of the Turks manning the booth asked if we were Portuguese. I rather liked that, though I didn't think of asking more about it until later. It really stuck with me though. Just in case you didn't know, my paternal grandmother was from Portugal, so I actually am (a bit) Portuguese. :)

Anyway, I need a wee bit of breakfast before heading off for the airport in 10 minutes. So missing links and stuff I haven't fill in, will have to be taken care of once I've hit the apartment (and some sleep, most likely).

Thank you for your attention, and have a nice flight! :)


Is the website meant to be

Is the website meant to be all white or is there something wrong with my computer?
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